• Delact Anari

    Charalambides Christis Delact Anari is an innovative new product which now boosts the wide range of dairy products that consumers have at their disposal, and more specifically, options for individuals who are lactose intolerant. The new Delact Anari product caters to consumers with specific dietary needs, giving them the opportunity to enjoy a balanced and rich variety of options without irritation. Charalambides Christis Delact Anari is made with 100 % Cypriot milk, produced by select farms, and is lactose free and friendly to the digestive system, while all the nutrients and the beloved taste of anari cheese remain intact. Read More
  • Dry Anari Traditional

    Whey produced from pasteurised mix of cow, goat and sheep’s milk. A meal accompaniment. Read More
  • Dry Anari

    A tasty and delicious meal accompaniment. Read More
  • Fresh Anari in pouch

    Our unique fresh anari cheese, in a pouch. A product which stays fresh for 3 days, in a unique pouch packaging. Read More
  • Unsalted Anari

    Anari with only 12% fat. A Cyprus cheese with a very low-fat content and a unique taste. A traditional treat! Read More
  • Salted Anari

    Cypriot anari is a soft cheese, with a low-fat content that is rich in proteins and calcium. It is recommended by nutritionists for those on a low-fat diet. Read More