Fresh, Functional milk

  • Delact

    Milk contains a natural sugar named lactose. Delact milk becomes lactose-free with the addition of the enzyme lactase. This enzyme breaks up lactose found in milk, resulting in a light, sweet taste, characteristic of Delact milk. Delact contains all the valuable nutrients of milk, as well as additional folic acid. It is particularly friendly to the digestive system and it reduces the possibility of any stomach upset, like bloating, in those that suffer from lactose intolerance. Read More
  • Plus + 40% Calcium

    With vitamins A & D and folic acid. Light fresh milk enriched with calcium for healthy bones and overall well-being. Plus + 40% Calcium milk drink is also enriched with Vitamins A & D as well as folic acid, has a 1% fat content and all the nutritional elements of milk. Calcium is necessary for the development and maintenance of strong teeth and bones, as well as for proper cell function. Vitamin D contributes to the optimum absorption of calcium in the human body. Plus+ provides the body with the necessary daily dosage of high-absorption calcium for the human body as it contributes to the maintenance of strong bones thus preventing osteoporosis. Read More