Straggato Fruta

The new ‘Straggato’ (strained) fruit yogurt earns top scores for its taste and ingredients, but has zero fat or sugar! This new modern edition of the fruit yogurt has truly made waves on the Cyprus market while overturning everything we have known to date regarding fruit yogurt.

This new strained fruit yogurt contains 0% fat and 0% sugar.

All of its sweetness is solely obtained from fruit and the natural stevia sweetener.

  • Στραγγάτο fruta Cherry mix

    Επιδόρπιο με άπαχο γιαούρτι, Βύσσινο, Ηλιόσπορους, Λιναρόσπορους & γλυκοζίτες στεβιόλης (περιέχει φρουκτόζη) Read More
  • ‘Straggato’ (Strained) Strawberry Fruit Yogurt

    Delicious strawberries, selected for their refreshing taste and rich aroma, harmoniously blend with the mild taste of the fat free ‘Straggato’ yogurt. Read More
  • Στραγγάτο fruta Ροδάκινο

    Ζουμερά, ώριμα ροδάκινα γεμάτα άρωμα και έντονη γεύση πραγματικού φρούτου, που τα αγκαλιάζει το απαλό, άπαχο γιαούρτι Στραγγάτο. Read More
  • ‘Straggato’ (Strained) Superfood Berries

    The first new taste in a new series of unique flavours that will win over fanatic supporters of a healthy diet, but also, all those who enjoy the taste of wonderful forest fruit which wonderfully combines with sunflower seeds and linseeds coupled with cranberries and berries; known for their antioxidant properties. A highly nutritious combination by the tasty ‘Straggato’ yogurt. Read More
  • ‘Straggato’ (Strained) Detox Fruit

    This yogurt provides an unexpected and unique flavour craved by those looking to cleanse their body while detoxing naturally and enjoyably. Now, sunflower seeds combine with two natural vegetable ingredients with special detoxifying properties- refreshing green lime and ginger root. The enjoyment of detoxing naturally with the mild and beloved flavour of the fat free ‘Straggato’ yogurt is set to become the new trend in healthy living! A ‘detox’ combination by the wonderful ‘Straggato’. Read More
  • ‘Straggato’ (Strained) Exotic Fruit

    An exotic indulgence in the ‘Straggato Fruit’ range, bursting with a taste of summer to delight the senses…all year round! Sunflower seeds and linseeds combine with ripe and delicious papaya and aromatic apricots to give this beloved fat free strained yogurt the most exotic and enjoyable summer touch. A real ‘exotic’ treat by the wonderful ‘Straggato’ yogurt. Read More