Macedonian striftari with cheese

A special twist that locks in all the flavour and aroma of an authentic homemade recipe!

Μακεδονικό στριφτάρι τυρί


850 g


Dough 62%: Wheat flour, water, non hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats, extra virgin olive oil (2,5%), corn starch, salt, sugar. Filling 38%:Mizithra cheese (52%), feta cheese (7%), water, wheat semolina, salt, egg white powder, white pepper. The product contains ingredients of wheat (gluten), milk (lactose), egg and is produced in areas that handle sesame

Nutritional Value

per 100 g

per 120 g

Calories 268kcal / 1119kj 321kcal / 1343kj
Proteins 7,7g 9,2g
Carbohydrates /sugars   26,7g / 2,5g 32,0g / 3,0g
Fat /saturated fats   13,8g / 5,7g 16,6g / 6,8g
Fibre 3,0g 3,6g
Sodium 0,5g 0,6g