Barba Stathis

Vegetables from Greek soil. As fresh as the moment they were harvested.

Barba Stathis has been growing vegetables on Greek soil for over 40 years. Implementing a system of Integrated Agricultural Management with love, dedication and extensive scientific knowledge, it carefully monitors all stages of production, from the seed to the packaging. Taking into consideration that vegetables lose their freshness and nutritional value a few hours after they are picked, Barba Stathis harvests vegetables at the moment they are ripe and freezes them within two hours, using a natural process, so that vital freshness, vitamins and flavour are kept intact. In this way, Barba Stathis ensures that it provides each family every day of the year vegetables grown on Greek soil that are as fresh as the day they were harvested! CHARALAMBIDES CHRISTIS brings Barba Stathis products to you, available in the freezer cabinets of supermarkets.