Chrysi Zymi

Wonderful, cosy and enjoyable moments!

Ever since the establishment of the frozen pastry production factory in Thessaloniki 20 years ago, Chrysi Zymi makes products which combine innovation and tradition in a unique way. With products that are distinguished for their high quality, great variety, creative recipes and fantastic taste, Chrysi Zymi has been a top consumer choice for years.

When buying Chrysi Zymi, you can either opt for filo pastry as a base for your delicious creations, or you can choose from a vast variety of pastries in many classic and modern flavours which provide delicious choices for every moment of your day!

Chrysi Zymi has recently added fantastic original frozen cookies to its innovative, inspiring and creative line of products.

On a daily basis, an increasing number of Cypriot consumers are showing their preference for Chrysi Zymi products that are shared with their families and loved ones on many occasions.

  • Filo pastry
  • Homemade pies
  • Macedonian striftaria
  • Mbougatsa Thessalonikis
  • Epirus vegetable pie
  • Thessaloniki cheese pie
  • Spitika Trigona (Homemade Triangles)
  • Macedonian Rolinia
  • Puff pastry pies
  • Individual puff pastry pizzas
  • Cookies