Chocolate cookies

For the classic chocolate cookie lover. A fluffy and delicious cookie dough with plenty of real chocolate chips inside, ideal as a coffee accompaniment!


Wheat flour, margarine (Vegetable oils and fats, water, emulsifiers: fatty acid mono- and di-glycerides, salt, acidifier: citric acid, aroma), couverture chocolate (14,6%) (sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa powder, emulsifiers: soy lecithin, aroma: vanillin), brown sugar, pasteurized eggs, sugar, leavening agent: sodium bicarbonate, salt, aroma: vanillin. May contain traces of nuts, sesame, mustard and sulfur dioxide.


  • 600g

Nutritional Value

per 100g

per 50g

Fat 17,1g 8,5g
Saturated fats 8,8g 4,4g
Carbohydrates 57,5g 28,8g
Sugars 24,4g 12,2g
Proteins 5,0g 2,5g
Sodium 0,2g 0,1g
Fibre 2,1g 1,1g
Calories 408kcal / 1705kj 204kcal / 852kj