Spitika Trigona (homemade triangles) with Spinach – Endives – Leek – Mizithra

Authentic crispy homemade triangle pies made with extra virgin oil, characterized by a warm golden colour and exquisite taste!


Dough (75%): Wheat flour, vegetable oils and fats, water, extra virgin olive oil (2%), corn starch, salt, sugar. Filling (25%): spinach (34%), Mizithra cheese (20%), endives (13%), leek (13%), fresh onion, feta cheese, egg (3%), extra virgin olive oil (1%), parsley, dill, salt, black pepper. This product contains wheat (gluten), milk (lactose) and egg, and is produced in areas where sesame is present.


  • 750gr

Nutritional Value

per 100g

per 120g

Fat 16,0g 19,2g
Saturated fats 6,4g 7,7g
Carbohydrates 31,7g 38,0g
Sugars 1,7g 2,0g
Proteins 7,0g 8,4g
Sodium 0,4g 0,5g
Fibre 1,9g 2,3g
Calories 303kcal / 1265kj 363kcal / 1518kj