Fresh milk

Pure, fresh cow’s milk which is collected everyday from Cypriot farms. It is pasteurised, homogenised and bottled in our modern factory in strict hygiene and safety conditions with ongoing quality controls that do not affect the milk’s nutritional ingredients, as stipulated by the Quality Management System enforced by the company.

Milk is the first form of nourishment that human body receives from the time of birth, which is greatly justified by its high nutritional value. It contains many nutritional elements such as: proteins which are necessary for growth, and vitamins: B2 which is necessary for growth and reproduction, healthy eyes and skin, B12 necessary for the brain and nerves function, a healthy cardio-vascular system and the production of red blood cells, Vitamin K which is necessary for the production of proteins and blood coagulation, Vitamin A for the proper function of the immune system (as well as vision and skin health) and Vitamin D, for the absorption of calcium and for bone health.

In addition, milk contains important inorganic salts like calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for the composition of bones and teeth in humans.

This is why milk is considered the most complete liquid food source and a very important part of our diet as it contains substantial amounts of calories, vital proteins, lipids and other nutrients necessary for the proper nourishment and function of the human body.